Transformer a device that steps up or steps down the voltage while transferring electric energy from one alternating-current circuit to one or more other circuits.
Chapter 10 discussed the self-inductance of a coil. We shall now examine the mutual inductance that exists between coils of the same or different dimensions.
Mutual inductance is a phenomenon basic to the operation of the transformer, an electrical device used today in almost every field of electrical engineering. This device plays an integral part in power distribution systems and can be found in many electronic circuits and measuring instruments.
Transformer Basic Configuration.
Fig. 1: Transformer Basic Configuration.
In this chapter, we will discuss three of the basic applications of a transformer:
to build up or step down the voltage or current,
to act as an impedance matching device,
and to isolate (no physical connection) one portion of a circuit from another.
In addition, we will introduce the dot convention and will consider the transformer equivalent circuit. The chapter will conclude with a word about writing mesh equations for a network with mutual inductance.

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