Importance of Computers in Home

In many homes, the family computer is nearly as important as the refrigerator or the washing machine. People cannot imagine living without it. In fact, a growing number of families have multiple PCs or laptop computers in their homes; in most cases, at least one of those computers has an Internet connection. Why do home users need their computers?
Importance of Computers in Home
Fig. 1: Importance of Computers in Home.
» Communications. Electronic mail (e-mail) continues to be the most popular use for home computers, because it allows family members to communicate with one another and to stay in contact with friends and coworkers.
» Business Work Done at Home. Thanks to computers and Internet connections, more people are working from home than ever before. It is possible for many users to connect to their employer’s network from home and do work that could not be done during regular business hours. Computers also are making it easier for people to start their own home-based businesses.
» Schoolwork. Today’s students are increasingly reliant on computers, and not just as a replacement for typewriters. The Internet is replacing printed books as a reference tool, and easy-to-use software makes it possible for even young users to create polished documents.
» Entertainment. If you have ever played a computer game, you know how enjoyable they can be. For this reason, the computer has replaced the television as the entertainment medium of choice for many people. Computer's audio, video, and broadcast technologies has made the computer an essential component of any home entertainment center.
» Finances.Computers and personal finance software can make balancing your checkbook an enjoyable, experience. Well, almost. At any rate, they certainly make it easier, and home users rely on their PCs for bill paying, shopping, investing, and other financial chores.

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