Notebook Computer

Notebook computers, as their name implies, approximate the shape of an 8.5-by-11-inch notebook and easily fit inside a briefcase. Because people frequently set these devices on their lap, they are also called laptop computers.
Notebook computer
Fig. 1: Notebook computer.
Notebook computers can operate on alternating current or special batteries. These amazing devices generally weigh less than eight pounds, and some even weigh less than three pounds! During use, the computer’s lid is raised to reveal a thin monitor and a keyboard. When not in use, the device folds up for easy storage. Notebooks arc fully functional microcomputers; the people who use them need the power of a full-size desktop computer wherever they go (see Fig. 1). Because of their portability, notebook PCs fall into a category of devices called mobile computers—systems small enough to be carried by their user.
Docking station
Fig. 2: Docking station.
Some notebook systems are designed to be plugged into a docking station, which may include a large monitor, a full-size keyboard and mouse, or other devices (see Fig. 2).
Docking stations also provide additional ports that enable the notebook computer to be connected to different devices or a network in the same manner as a desktop system.

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