Handheld Computer

Handheld personal computers are computing devices small enough to fit in your hand. A popular type of handheld computer is the personal digital assistant (PDA).
Personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld computer and popularly known as a palmtop. It has a touch screen and a memory card for storage of data. PDAs can also be used as portable audio players, web browsers and smartphones. Most of them can access the Internet by means of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication.
Handheld computer
Fig. 1: Handheld computer.
A personal digital assistant (PDA) is no larger than a small appointment book and is normally used for special applications, such as taking notes, displaying telephone numbers and addresses, and keeping track of dates or agendas. Many PDAs can be connected to larger computers to exchange data. Most PDAs come with a pen that lets the user write on the screen.
Some handheld computers feature tiny built-in keyboards or microphones that allow voice input. Many PDAs let the user access the Internet through a wireless connection, and several models offer features such as cellular telephones, cameras, music players, and global positioning systems.

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