Mouse Button Configurations

The mouse usually sits to the right of the keyboard (for right-handed people), and the user maneuvers the mouse with the right hand, pressing the left button with the right forefinger.
For this reason, the left mouse button is sometimes called the primary mouse button.
If you are left-handed, you can configure the right mouse button as the primary button (as shown in Fig. 1). This configuration lets you place the mouse to the left of the keyboard, control the mouse with your left hand, and use your left forefinger for most mouse actions.
Mouse button configuration
Fig. 1: Mouse button configuration.
Newer mice enable you to configure buttons to perform different tasks than clicking. You might configure a button to delete selected text, for example, or to open a program that lets you search for files. Such settings may limit the usefulness of the mouse but can be helpful if you need to perform a certain task many times.

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