Game Controllers

You may not think of a game controller as an input device, but it is. Personal computers are widely used as gaming platforms, challenging dedicated video game units like the Sony PlayStation and others (see Fig. 1). Because PCs offer higher graphics resolution than standard televisions, many gamers believe a well-equipped PC provides a better game-playing experience. If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can play games with people around the world.
With their fast processors and high quality graphics, PCs are great for playing games
Fig. 1: With their fast processors and high quality graphics, PCs are great for playing games.
A game controller can be considered an input device because a computer game is a program, much like a word processor.
A game accepts input from the user; processes data, and produces output in the form of graphics and sound.
As computer games become more detailed and elaborate, more specialized game controllers are being developed to take advantage of their features.
Game controllers generally fall into two broad categories: game pads and joysticks. (see Fig. 2)
Game Pad and Joystick
Fig. 2: Game Pad and Joystick
Joysticks have been around for a long time and can be used with applications other than games. (Some joystick users actually prefer using a joystick rather than a mouse with some business applications.)
Joysticks enable the user to “ fly” or “drive” through a game, directing a vehicle or character. They are popular in racing and flying games.
A variant of the joystick is the racing game controller, which includes an actual steering wheel; some racing game controllers even include foot pedals and gearshifts. If you have ever used a video gaming system, you are familiar with game pads.

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