Uses of Computer

With technology continuously evolving and intertwining into everyday life, people are using computers for more and more simple tasks. This is possible thanks in no small part to the continued efforts of computer manufacturers as well as software designers to simplify computing so that anyone can sit down, power on the machine and jump right in.

Uses of computer in communication

Thanks to computers and the Internet, the world has gotten much smaller in recent years. Many people use their computers to keep in touch with friends and family using instant messenger programs as well as email. A growing communication tool is social networking, with sites like Facebook and Twitter becoming incredibly popular.

Uses of computer in games

PCs have long served as recreational devices with hundreds of games available each year. Gaming on a PC can be an expensive hobby, with video cards ranging in price from \$300 to more than \$1200 and fully equipped gaming PCs costing in excess of $3000 in many cases. For all the top-tier AAA titles, there are other games that users can find both pre-installed on PCs as well as online.

Uses of computer in entertainment

Almost all computers come with CD or DVD disk drives, which allow you to use the computer as a CD player or DVD player. Some computers are also capable, with the proper hardware, of viewing and recording television onto the machine's hard drives. With an Internet connection, users have a nearly limitless of videos and music available online as well.

Uses of computer at Work

Almost every working environment uses computers in one capacity or another. Office buildings use computers to keep track of everything from pay wages to hours logged, retail stores use computers as cash registers and industries such as construction and architecture use computers to help design buildings.

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