Circuit Analysis Notation

Notations in circuit analysis are very important for making special symbols to be represented in a more standard and simple way in a circuit. The notations makes the circuit analysis drawing and its representation easy to understand and simple to be drawn.

Standard Notations for Voltage Source and Ground

We know that the voltage source has two terminals; Positive and Negative. Positive terminal is the end of voltage source where current flow originates and flows away from it. While Negative terminal is the end where current flow collects in the circuit.
The standard notation for ground potential is shown in Fig. 1.
ground potential
Fig. 1: Ground potential.
The circuit with ground potential can be sketched in three different ways as shown in Fig. 2.
different ways to sketch a circuit
different ways to sketch a circuit
different ways to sketch a circuit
Fig. 2: Different ways to sketch a circuit.

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