Application of Magnetic circuits

Magnetic circuits are employed to efficiently channel magnetic fields in many devices such as electric motors, generators, transformers, relays, lifting electromagnets, SQUIDs, galvanometers, and magnetic recording heads.

Recording Systems

The most common application of magnetic material is probably in the increasing number of recording instruments used every day in the office and the home. For instance, the VHS tape and the 8-mm cassette of [Fig. 1] are used almost daily by every family with a VCR or cassette player. The basic recording process is not that difficult to understand and will be described in detail in the section to follow on computer hard disks.
Magnetic tape: VHS and 8-mm cassette.
Fig. 1: Magnetic tape: VHS and 8-mm cassette.
Some basic applications are described in the individual articles are given below:
Speakers and Microphones
Computer Hard Disks
Hall Effect Sensor
Magnetic Reed Switch
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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