Rectangular Form

The rectangular form is based on its name – a rectangular coordinate system. This means that these are complex numbers of the form $z = x+jy$, where $x$ is the real part, and $y$ represents the imaginary part.
The format for the rectangular form is
$$\bbox[10px,border:1px solid grey]{C = X + j Y }$$
as shown in [Fig. 1]. The letter C was chosen from the word "complex." The boldface notation is for any number with magnitude and direction. The italic is for magnitude only
Defining the rectangular form.
Fig. 1:Defining the rectangular form.
Example 1: Sketch the following complex numbers in the complex plane:
a. $C = 3 + j4$
b. $C = 0 - j6$
c. $C = -10 - j20$
a. See Fig. 2.
b. See Fig. 3.
c. See Fig. 4.
Defining the rectangular form.
Fig. 2:Example 1 (a)
Defining the rectangular form.
Fig. 3:Example 1 (b)
Defining the rectangular form.
Fig. 4:Example 1 (c)

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