Ampere Hour Rating


What is Ampere Hour Rating?

The ampere-hour (Ah) rating provides an indication of how long a battery of fixed voltage will be able to supply a particular current.
It is the most important piece of data for any battery other than its voltage rating. You may have noted that each battery is provided with both the voltage and the ampere-hour rating. battery with an ampere-hour rating of
will theoretically provide a current of
1 A
100 hours
10 A
10 hours
, or
100 A
1 hour
. Quite obviously, the greater the current, the shorter is the time. An equation for determining the length of time a battery will supply a particular current is the following:
$$ \text{Life (hours)} = {\text{ampere-hour (Ah) rating}\over {\text{amperes drawn (A)}}}$$

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