Power Engineering

Power Engineering is focused on the design of large-scale systems for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.
Electrical power is an energy source created from electrical charge and Power Engineering focuses on these large-scale applications involving extremely high current and voltage.
Although much of the field is concerned with the problems of three-phase AC power - the standard for large-scale power transmission and distribution across the modern world - a significant fraction of the field is concerned with the conversion between AC and DC power and the development of specialized power systems such as those used in aircraft or for electric railway networks.
Power engineering draws the majority of its theoretical base from electrical engineering.
The process of generating, transferring and distributing large amounts of power is a necessity for modern society, yet difficult and so Power Engineers provide solutions to these difficulties. Conversion between DC and AC power is a requirement when distributing electricity to residential areas.
Some Power Engineers work on generating the power that enters the electricity grid, while others design transformers, generators and motors that utilize or modify this power.

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